Cat Ball Toys Catnip Bell Ball Flash Light Balls Pet Supplies


1. 3PCS/Set Cat Toy: A pink bell ball, a white flashlight ball and a blue catnip ball for the cat to play.
2. Great Function: The flashlight ball will attract the cat’s attention; the mint ball is the cat’s favorite taste, and the bell ball’s sound is the cat’s favorite sound. Perfect match.
3. Very Safety: Made of non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials, the cat toy balls are BPA-free.
4. Bring Fun: Bright colors and various gameplays are easy to attract your cat, helping to spend boring time.
5. Portable Size: Each ball measures about 5cm/1.97in in diameter, which is convenient to carry and play.

Name: 3PCS/Set Cat Toy Ball
Size: about 5*5cm/1.97*1.97in (single ball)
Color: pink, white, blue
Style: flashlight ball + bell ball + catnip ball

1* Flashlight ball
1* Bell ball
1* Catnip ball



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